It’s a gray Sunday afternoon, but the rain has let up. Let’s go.

Entering Sarphatipark, I noticed some improvised seating.

No one is illegal.

Hadn’t noticed the REAM sticker before. I like die cuts like this.

The ‘IJ’ digraph in Dutch is possibly my favorite typographic ligature. The Rijksmuseum logo makes famous use of this, too.

Nice line contrast on the dark utility door, just before crossing Ferdinand Bolstraat, one of the main shopping streets in the neighborhood.

Fun with reflections.

Lots of anti-TTIP stickers around, but this is the one I see most often.

Polk-a-dot Peugeot.

Whoever thought this campaign up was pretty brilliant. I took this picture assuming it was some nationalist, Wilders-esque anti-EU group. Just looked up the website, though, and it’s actually a neighborhood petition to move the entrance of the Heineken Experience to an interior street in order to improve pedestrian and traffic flow. Well done. You got my attention.