It’s one of those bright, overcast, but still pleasant afternoons. I grab my sunglasses, my camera, and something to smoke, and I head out to walk through some of the residential back streets of my neighborhood.


Just as I exit my apartment and turn the corner to walk away from the park, I come face to face with this beauty. Love the color.


As I was taking a photo of the scooter, I noticed something really bright out of the corner of my eye. Just the neighborhood trash pickup with some intimate apparel.


I’ve been here, it actually is a nice place. Product isn’t as good as some other places in my neighborhood, but it’s only a 100 meters from my apartment, so…


As I walk west on Van Ostadestraat, I noticed the bright, even light really made this orange tag jump off the wood boards.


This is one of the uglier buildings I’ve ever seen. It houses a group called Casa Migrante which appears to be a social services organization helping Spanish speakers. I’m taking this picture from the front door of the building looking back to the sidewalk. It’s very bright outside, and yet the entrance is still so dark. And there’s a creepy safety light clearly on in the upper corner.


As I cut down the block to go west on Rustenburgerstraat, I notice a fresh Laser 3.14 tag.


Pink door framed with bright green bushes is nice.


Van der Helstplein is one of the few urban squares in the city center that is completely canopied by trees. The bright light filtering through the green leaves is gorgeous. This plein has a nice italian restaurant, a couple brown cafes, and a nice coffeeshop.


The sun makes a lot of these colors feel extra saturated. I like the greenery, and pink flowers paired with the dark green on the door.


Well-loved omafiets.