It’s 10:00pm. Dusk this time of year in Amsterdam. I grab my camera, and go for a short walk around the perimeter of Sarphati Park, in the center of de Pijp.

In most cities, No Parking signs dominate streets. In Amsterdam, it’s Geen fietsen!, or in this popular expat area, the English equivalent. Not that the signs are all that effective.

I put this up a few weeks ago and it’s still here. My favorite thing is to forget about putting one up and then randomly seeing it again with fresh eyes.

Constants of Amsterdam: old kerken (churches) and road construction. In this case, the church is the Orangekerk, and it’s not that old — it was built in 1902.

Typical road construction on smaller streets and walking areas. Compacted sand with square paving stones hammered in by hand. Easy to repair and replace — which is happening constantly.

Another tapeup that survived a few weeks on Ceintuurbaan.

And a new tapeup I put up tonight.