Friday night, 11pm, warm Summer night. I’ve been couped up all day inside, so I need to get out of the house. I follow the bright street lamps on Van Woustraat up to the start of the famous Albert Cuypmarkt, the largest outdoor market in Amsterdam.

By day, Cuypmarkt is thick with tourists, shoppers, and market stands. By night, it’s a dystopian looking street with fish guts, sea birds, and market trash.

This is a new sculpture installed this year marking the entrance to the Van Woustraat entrance to Albert Cuypmarkt.

I see this pasteup from time to time in various European cities, but I don’t know much about it.

This is what most of the retail level of Cuypstraat looks like at night — retail storefronts with rolled down gates and loads of tagging.

Promise, I won’t.

Typical mid-block retail storefronts.

Some of the food trucks stay parked on the street overnight, like this frites truck.

The orange light, and the vast empty spaces make Cuypstraat look like a movie set.

This cafe runs on a ‘pay what you can’ model. It’s been in business the entire year we’ve been here. Must not be doing too badly.

Summer means festival season. Every few days the posters throughout the city rotate from one festival to another. Dutch poster design is good, too, particularly the type-heavy styles as you see here.

The area outside of Cafe Flamingo is jam packed. I take my headphones off and am immediately blown away by how loud the buzz of the crowd is. Here’s a rough recording from my phone:

Good reminder.


“ALLE YUPPEN DE PIJP OUT!” I think this basically means “YUPPIES OUT OF THE PIPE!”

Nice, large paste up at the western end of Cuypmarkt. I turn around and head back the other side of the street.

Another pirate reference. This time a sticker put up by the Pirateenpartij.

The attire of choice for Amsterdam stag parties – the giant dick joke underwear. You can buy these at every corner store in the Red Light District. This one had a sad end.

I hear they’re delicious!

Amsterdam formal wear.

Really like the high contrast, dual thickness white lines on the crisp black.

Laughing at this one all the way home.

Back underneath the gate at the Van Woustraat entrance. These guys look like they’re figuring out their plans for the rest of the night.

I turn right on Van Woustraat and walk the few blocks back to my place.