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#Repost @secretmainstream // DRIFT 005 // Westerpark Allotment Gardens // Sunday,Sep 24 at 2pm // FREE RSVP at link in bio // #ambientmusic #experimental #photowalk #dérive #driftclub // detail of painting by @weirdnomad

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I WANNA FUCK SHIT UP #ambient #experimental #🎧

#Repost @secretmainstream /// Bring your earbuds, a camera, and your fully charged phone. Meet in front of the Electric Tram Museum at Amstelveenseweg 264, 1075XV at 3pm on Sunday, July 23.
We’ll explore the back alleys and pathways of Schinkelbuurt, snap some photos, and listen to a set of synchronized walking tunes. Maybe we can end the DRIFT with beers at Butcher’s Tears. Mmm… // WHAT IS A DRIFT?

We take turns leading each other on a 🚶🏻 through a new part of the 🌇 and take 📷 while listening to a synchronized 🎧 soundtrack. It’s free and weird fun. Join us.
FREE RSVP — http://secret mainstream.com/drift/003