Finally feeling better. Devon and I escaped to Haarlem for an evening walk. This is from the train window on the way.

My old Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm pump

Insulin Pumpers of the World, Unite!

It’s been quite a while since I looked seriously at insulin pump-related tech. What’s new in the type 1 #diabetes tech world? I still have my Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm 300ml pump, but I think it’s out of warranty now, and I should really look into replacement in the near future.

I’ve yet to try any of the continuous glucose monitoring products that have hit the market in recent years, but am eager to try, especially after seeing the FreeStyle Libre and the Ambrosia BluCon. I’m also really encouraged by the hackers at the OpenAPS project, who are really pushing things forward and seem to be putting pressure on the big manufacturers to bring closed loop insulin pump systems to the market.

What else is good, pumpers?

This is the worst dongle that Apple has ever made

I don't own an Apple Pencil, but if this is worse than the shitty Lightning/3.5mm connector, that's pretty bad.

The dongle—one of many Apple produces in its quest to turn every electronic device into an impenetrable block of aluminum, plastic, and glass—replaces my previous Worst Dongle: the tiny Lightning-to-3.5mm cable that it bundled with the iPhone 7 after deciding to remove the headphone jack from its newest smartphones. Apple’s Pencil dongle doesn’t even have a tiny cable connecting its ends together, meaning I’ve lost it twice since starting this post.

The Rainier beer product placement in this Twin Peaks episode is making me homesick for the PNW.

Twin Peaks time, folks.

Quite OK

I was looking back through a folder of videos on my computer today and found this little video I took during the final group critique at the 2015 ISIA Type Week I attended in Urbino with Fred Smeijers.

Being told my work was “quite OK” was probably the pinnacle of my extremely amateur type design career. 😂

To Syria and Back

Incredible story over at The Intercept today about Josh Walker, a Welsh man who traveled to Rojava to fight ISIS alongside the YPG and who was arrested upon returning to Britain.


At the Gerrit Rietveld Acadamie graduation show today. I was pretty exhausted, but saw some really impressive work. This giant greeted us at the entrance.

First excursion out in a few days. Pneumonia still kicking my lungs’ ass.