Capturing the Zeitgeist, 21st Century Style

Do you have any old Walkman-style cassette players hanging around your place? I’m looking for as many operational mobile cassette players as I can get my hands on for a future music event.

Grid — Thinking With Type

Ellen Lupton's plain language work on grid systems is still one of the best introductions around.

What well-designed alternatives are there to the default iOS alarm clock? The UX annoys me…

Sweet Jesus, I need to not watch Game of Thrones while eating.

Note to Self

You must realize that other people experience the world differently than you. — @jamesshelley

DRIFT 003 Complete

Had a really great time with a good group of drifters in Amsterdam today! + Facebook

Today we’re adding Facebook cross-posting to Facebook support is now built in, just like Twitter cross-posting, and can be configured for a microblog hosted on or any external blog with a feed.

This is great news, I'm glad is picking up steam.

Conscious consumerism is a lie. Here’s a better way to help save the world

She is *so close* to naming the obvious and difficult answer: massive, collective, political action.

Serving the People

“The stakes for figuring out how to show real solidarity, beyond the sharing of a meme, are high — the difference between life and death.” — @RLisDead