“‘For God so loved the world’…will our new God ‘love the world’?” — Jeanette Winterson on the singularity

“It seems like we want to create God again. Seems like we’ve missed him.”— Jeanette Winterson on transhumanism


I kind of miss getting and reading a physical newspaper. It was a staple of my childhood from a really young age. I’d even consider subscribing to a Sunday edition. I just can’t think of any newspaper in 2017 I’d want to subscribe to.

Dream product — a beautifully laid out, weekly publication, made up of web articles I’ve saved throughout the week, combined with an editorial page from the makers, printed on newsprint and delivered Sunday morning.

Lemon gelato with chili pepper sprinkled on top…

This documentary looks adorable

The last surviving sea silk seamstress

“If you want to enter my world, I’ll show it to you,” she smiled. “But you’d have to stay here for a lifetime to understand it.”

Stuff I saw today, in order: a Wu Tang paste up/mash up, a girl lounging on a decorative anchor while watching a senior marching band, and some fun typographic pairings on a menukaart.

#Repost @secretmainstream // DRIFT 005 // Westerpark Allotment Gardens // Sunday,Sep 24 at 2pm // FREE RSVP at link in bio // #ambientmusic #experimental #photowalk #dérive #driftclub // detail of painting by @weirdnomad

Is weed pairing a thing? Tonight: baked eggs with gruyere, mushrooms, and a bowl of Amnesia.