I wonder if it makes more sense to take a ‘content bundle’ approach to posting across the #indieweb, rather than heavily relying on automation apps like IFTTT and Zapier.

Here’s what I’m thinking. Let’s say I want to post to WordPress and simulcast this post to Twitter and Facebook. Twitter and Facebook’s character limitations and post format defaults might influence how you compose your WordPress post since you know there are spatial and formatting limitations on both those networks.

Instead of constraining our own WordPress content and formatting by these concerns, why not add custom fields to your WordPress for each network you want to broadcast to — in this case one for Twitter, and one for Facebook. After composing your WordPress post, you now have a spot to optionally add a Twitter and Facebook-friendly version.

Since WordPress custom fields are accessible in Zapier, you can now set up a rule to post only the content of these fields as your Facebook or Twitter message. This enables you, on a post-by-post basis, to deliver platform-specific versions of your content. These versions don’t have to dramatically differ, rather you can easily tweak tiny details to suit the platform.

Here’s a visualization of what this could result in, at a minimum. I will do some experiments and post back.