In the spirit of community, I’d like to give shoutouts to a handful of my favorite blogs that I read often. I’ve personally corresponded with all of these folks and invite you to give them a follow.

It strikes me that I really need to spend an afternoon on my RSS reading list soon. There are many more writers, particularly women, and non-tech industry contacts that I correspond with often on Twitter, but haven’t added to my RSS app.

Gordon’s Notes
I met John during my time on (in fact, I met many people I still correspond with on I appreciate his opinions on politics, health care, and tech.

Patrick Rhone
I first followed Patrick when he wrote Minimal Mac, but stayed due to my appreciation for his essays on mindful living. He’s also written a couple books that I wholeheartedly recommend.

Riccardo Mori
Rick writes about technology, the liberal arts, design, typography, UI, and translation (he’s an Italian who lives in Spain and writes in multiple languages). I appreciate his mindful tech analysis, and I love the typography on his website.

James Shelley
James is a writer, researcher, and Editor-in-chief of the Caesura Letters. Caesura Letters is a “magazine for critical thinkers, mindful contemplatives, and life-long learners”. James is one of the primary contributors, but he also posts to his personal website. Both are well deserving of a follow. &

Ben Brooks
Ben does not shy away from expressing often divisive opinions on tech hardware, software, UI design, online privacy, and photography. This is a good thing.