Saturday afternoon, Spring day in Amsterdam.

Exiting my apartment in de Pijp, I see this collection of trash outside the neighboring apartment building on Ceintuurbaan. Was someone convicted? Trash bag blowout?

Walking east, I cross Van Woustraat. This tattoo shop has been around for 50 years.

The Amstel river, separating de Pijp from Oost. A lot of houseboats along the banks. The run down ones tend to be on the far side of the river and the modern ones on the near side.

There is an undeniable charm to the run down ones, though. 

It’s Spring, and there is color here and there when the sun comes out. 

I’ve been craving a motorcycle or scooter lately. This one parked in front of one of the houseboats would do. 

Continuing east, I walk through a pedestrian area between mid-century housing blocks. This garage is not bird-friendly.

The colors in this tag caught my eye behind the Wibautstraat Metro stop.

Navigating sidewalks strewn with parked bikes can be a challenge.

The streets really widen out in this section of Oost. Time for coffee.