Tuesday evening, 6pm, humid. I get out of work, cross over to Rembrandtplein and go. 

The pigeons rule Rembrandtplein. There are a series of benches with small trees interlocking over them that are perpetually covered in bird shit. I see tourists eating kebab on them all the time. 

The plein is dotted with touristy, stag party type bars and clubs.

Crossing Thorbeckplein, I head south down the scenic little Reguliersgracht. This canal intersection is always busy. 

Girls spray painting their bikes. 

I feel like I’ve seen this stencil in several cities. Does anyone else recognize the source?

Starting a little #streetart side gig. Keep an eye out. 

I like the fact that Amsterdam is sexually tolerant enough that you can poster up the entire city with ads for an overt gay cruising app without any controversy. 

Speaking of seeing things all over the city, I see this sticker everywhere. Whoever Maud is, someone really wants her to be free. 

Great color formations on this canal boat. 

Looking back toward Fredericksplein. There’s a great little French country restaurant owned and 100% operated by a sole French woman. It’s delicious. 

Nice collection of stickers on this bakfiets.  

Bike skeletons. 

Bottom end of Reguliersgracht looking west toward the Rijksmuseum, seen in the distance. 

Crossing over to the outer canal separating the Centrum from De Pijp, there is this row of bizarre looking trees lining the canal. They’re thick and bulbous at the bottom, and then end in shrubby, bare limbs. 


#tapeup — my new medium. 

Birdie wants a tattoo on Albert Cuypstraat. 

Go teams!