Another wide awake Sunday morning. 8am. Let’s go.

Today I have a destination — Scooter Planet in Oude West. Devon and I are going to scooter around the Noord to get acquainted with some areas we’re considering moving to.

We live on Ceintuurbaan, which is a major car and tram thoroughfare that goes all the way around the ring of the Canal Zone. On Sunday morning, it’s dead, just like everything else in the city.

2016-05-29 07.52.37.jpg

The leafy section of Ceintuurbaan, across from Sarphatipark.

2016-05-29 07.53.21.jpg

Just the entrance to neighborhood brothel (two doors down from the Kindergarten).

2016-05-29 07.54.56.jpg

The ubiquitous logo of the Amsterdam Electricity and Gas Company.

2016-05-29 07.55.41.jpg

Everyone look for Bart!

Sunday shopping?

2016-05-29 08.06.13.jpg

Bridge over the Ruysdaelkade, separating de Pijp from Oude Zuid.

2016-05-29 08.06.52.jpg

These tiny little two seater Canta LX vehicles are officially considered scooters by the city. People drive them in the bike lane, park them on the sidewalk and can drive them right on to the passenger ferries that cross the IJ River.

2016-05-29 08.07.08.jpg

People like to celebrate newborns and birthdays by decorating their front stoop.

2016-05-29 08.15.03.jpg

Weekend construction zone security measures in front of Museumplein.

2016-05-29 08.15.30.jpg

I never see anyone at this weird little evangelism stand.

2016-05-29 08.18.23.jpg
The poetry of Pablo Neruda translated into Dutch seems…off.

2016-05-29 08.19.40.jpg

The city is still very asleep.

2016-05-29 08.21.25.jpg

I’m wide awake, though. My wandering soundtrack today is Beirut/The Flying Club Cup and Steindór Andersen/Stafnbúi.

2016-05-29 08.22.12.jpg

Always look down alleys. You may find an impromptu Basquiat memorial.

2016-05-29 08.22.25.jpg

Or some strawberry paste-ups.

2016-05-29 08.25.50.jpg

Lost and found at the entrance of Vondelpark.

2016-05-29 08.27.23.jpg

Which I basically have all to myself.

2016-05-29 08.28.56.jpg

A sticker on one of Amsterdam’s priciest streets, adjacent to Vondelpark.

2016-05-29 08.40.13.jpg

Looking straight up to a sculptural installation overhanging the front of this Oude West office building.

2016-05-29 08.40.18.jpg

It’s called “How to Meet an Angel”

2016-05-29 08.45.18.jpg

The Dutch are very straightforward with nomenclature.

2016-05-29 08.46.44.jpg

I tried to stop at one of my favorite coffee houses in Amsterdam, Lot 61, but it wasn’t open yet (9am). This was a fun bike sticker parked on the canal in front of the store.

2016-05-29 08.52.38.jpg

Still in bed, probably.

2016-05-29 08.57.48.jpg

Too fun to pass without a photo.

2016-05-29 08.58.24.jpg

Another Canta LX in its natural habitat — all up on the sidewalk.

Time for  a coffee refill myself, and to pick up our scooter.