Devon and I rented electric bikes from our hotel, intending to ride to the beach at Cala Brandinchi, about 10km away. Halfway there, alongside a busy Sardinian highway, my pedal came off.
We pulled over and called the hotel asking them to come out and bring tools to fix the bike.
While on the phone, a young guy, I think British, walked toward us alongside the highway wearing nothing but a dirty white sheet wrapped around his middle. He was obviously in some sort of distress.
We asked if he was OK (he obviously wasn’t). He asked where the "insane asylum" was. I told him I didn’t know, but can we help? We offered him a bottle of water, as it was 90+ degrees Fahrenheit. He refused the water. I asked if he needed an ambulance and he said no.
Finally he asked if this was the turnoff to the beach and I said yes. He walked toward the beach, dazed. I watched him wander off. Other cars stopped similarly concerned. Onward he walked to the beach.
I took this video just before this all took place, and made this little song back at the hotel.