Is there an app or website that crowdsources food ingredient/grocery localisations? Translation services I’ve used are not nuanced enough.

Tonight at 9pm, I’ll be spinning an hour of recent #experimental / #ambient/weirdo vinyl and cassette finds over on the @redlightradio livestream. Check it out, if you like, at ✌🏻

Evan Zierk, Drifting/Bending

This Evan Zierk @AtlanticRhythms cassette release arrived in the mail today and it sounds great. One of the tracks is featured on the upcoming DRIFT 004 mix.

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I WANNA FUCK SHIT UP #ambient #experimental #🎧

What should I do with my front patio? I’m thinking of using the weathered red metal table there, take away the wood table , and putting big container plants on the front of the table raising the plants above the line of bushes, and replacing the busted chairs with a bench. Maybe some vertical plants up the brick wall, too? Maybe a small container pot tree on the ground in the corner of the patio? I see apple trees that grow like that here… #urbangardening #amsterdamnoord

My Dead Girlfriend’s Bot

“There is a pause, endless, eternal, and then: sup dick fart” — Joshua Allen


Digital Zoom is strong in the running for the band of my forthcoming Vaporwave release. #notteally

Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill: Pyongyang and the White House Gang

A good background on North Korea.

I found the Cap’n again, today. #amsterdam #streetphotography